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Where It All Began

Updated: May 16, 2020

If you're local to the Columbia area, chances are, you've probably passed by us on your daily commute. We're the large warehouse on Highway 378 that recently has gotten a face lift. 🙌Praise!

About 75 years ago, our existing building started out as the front portion being an Esso gas station with an apartment on top. My grandfather moved the apartment to the property next door and built his home around it. Through the years, it transitioned from a gas station to a jack repair shop to a later Dixie Tool Distributors, an auto parts distributorship. Many years of grease, rolling carts, and dozens of men. Today resides By Design Holiday & Events, a wedding florist and commercial holiday company composed of some very talented women, a strong love of designing and trying new things. But we haven't always been in this building.

In 2010, the family owned and operated flower business was born, in the basement of Denise's Lexington home. She began by taking on my friend's weddings and eventually realized this business was gaining momentum. A name was needed, and she struggled deciding. After coffee with a dear friend, By Design came to be. It was clear that God had my mom in this place, in this time for a reason, all by His Design.

In 2014, By Design moved into the warehouse after the family car parts business had to close its doors. A lot of people wonder what's inside this huge building, and we'd love to show you around. We've filled almost every inch of this 75,000 square foot space with Christmas decor from floor to ceiling, floral containers and supplies, and you will probably find some kid's toys hiding in inconspicuous spaces.

We've recently given the place a facelift, because after all, it deserved it after 75 years. We've painted the tan exterior to a fresh white, redesigned our logo, added a mural to the front with new lighting, and have brought in some new plants! To add, we've redesigned our consultation and office area inside as well.

So many people I've met have said, "I've driven past this place for years and never knew what it was!" Well, folks- it's now officially an updated By Design, and we are so proud to call this place home! If these walls could talk, there would be a LOT of stories. We'd love for you to come see us! Schedule a time to stop by, and we'd love to show you around and chat flowers or holiday!

Making moments into memories,


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